Keith M Watts
Director Verba International Ltd. London &Hereford, UK, Exclusive representative for Euroexam in the Russian Federation

Keith has spent over 16 years managing international English examinations across Russia and has now worked with many thousand candidates across Russia. Initially trained as an engineer, Keith's work moved into business and business communications, a subject he has delivered a series of lectures on for Plekhanov State Economic University in Moscow.
In addition to Keith's work in the UK and his examination work, Keith is a CELTA qualified English teacher, Keith also teaches and lectures across Russia, having recently completed a teaching tour in Moscow, Orenburg and Belebey.
In the last year Keith delivered teacher training workshops for Tomsk State Pedagogical University, Orenburg Chamber of Commerce and at other venues which include Blagorveshchensk, Novosibirsk and Sochi.
Despite travelling across Russia, Keith still lives in Herefordshire, England where his hobbies include tennis, cycling, sailing and skiing. Keith is also a qualified pilot.

Speech topic on March, 31: Making assessment friendly
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