Olga Connolly
Olga Connolly is a Director of Studies for BKC IH Moscow (CELTA, DELTA, MA in TESOL and Applied Linguistics) with 20 years of experience.

Olga is a Director of Studies of the biggest language school in Russia, a CELTA and Delta tutor with extensive work experience in different places in Russia and abroad (in Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa). In the last ten years she has mostly worked as a teacher trainer and educational manager, whereas previously she taught students of all ages and levels in language schools. She was involved in exam preparation and general English teaching. Olga's got a Master's degree at University of Portsmouth, UK. Her dissertation research was based on her work as a CELTA trainer, in particular she was researching the effectiveness of giving feedback on lessons. Olga routinely participates as a speaker in national and international conferences, such as IATEFL, IH AMT, Pedagogic marathon, NATE, DonELTA, Trendy English.
Speech topic on April, 1: Professional development for teachers: Cambridge TKT, CELTA, Delta
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