How to meet specified needs of a learner: ESP course and material design
Who is the student of the 21st century, and what do they need? In this fast-paced world students don't always have the privilege to spend 10 years learning general English, then turn to professional or more career-oriented English.

Often, students come to us with the specific, and mostly urgent, needs, as English is now necessary in every profession: from nurses and architects to biologists and financial advisers. However, there are often almost no materials to teach these students, and teachers have little knowledge in these areas. So, one way is just not to work with these students. Another one is to learn the basics of ESP course and material design and face the challenge. That's what this workshop is going to be about. We will look at possible difficulties when teaching ESP and ways to overcome them. You will get an idea how to create a course for ESP students even if you have no experience in that area. We will also look at different examples of ESP materials.

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Thursday, 28th April
18:00 MSK

Ekaterina Redkina
About the speaker
Ekaterina Redkina—
is a psychologist and a qualified English teacher with 15-year experience. She is CELTA and Delta (M1-2) holder and a Fulbright scholar. Currently, she is giving lectures on TESOL and psychology at the Institute of International Education of Moscow Pedagogical State University. She is also teaching teenage students and adults. Her primary interests are CLIL, ESP, EdTech tools, syllabus design, and different psychological aspects of teaching and learning.
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