Everything you want to know about international exams (TOEFL® test, TOEIC® test):
benefits, issues, preparation
September 24th, 2020
17:00 - 19:00 (MSK)
Online panel discussion
TOEFL® test and TOEIC® test may be very confusing, and sometimes even your good knowledge of English cannot help you pass it perfectly if you are not familiar with its structure.

Learn everything you need to know about the preparation tools for test takers from the experts who create the exam.
Do not miss this event if you want to:
Prepare your students for international exams
Pass TOEFL® test and TOEIC® test with excellence
Understand what practical use can be made from passing and preparing for these exams
Keynote Speakers
Daniela Muresan
Senior Product Expert EMEA at ETS Global
At ETS Global, Daniela is mainly focused on the TOEIC® and TOEFL® assessments. She is in charge of launching new online and offline English language assessments and learning tools and of providing teacher training and assessment knowledge across Europe, Middle East and Northern Africa.
Arum Perwitasari
PHD; Academic relations specialist at ETS Global Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Arum is an experienced educator, ELT enthusiast, academic editor and researcher. Her research interests include psycholinguistics, second language acquisition and bilingualism. She is also a certified trainer for the TOEFL® Young Students Series (YSS) workshops and the IATEFL Publications Executive Committee member. She holds a PhD in Linguistics from Leiden University in the Netherlands.
Anton Makarov
Skyes & Skyteach Learning Center Director
Anton developed various teacher training courses and wrote numerous articles on using games as a teaching strategy. His research interests include use of technology in teaching and learning, digital learning tools, and online education.
Yana Sher
Teacher trainer from Teachers Premium Skyeng
Yana provides methodological support for more than 200 teachers. She also has more than ten years of expertise in dealing with difficult ELT cases (last-minute exam and interview preparation, etc.) Yana was a chief editor and methodologist for Skyteach Festival (2017-2019), the largest event for English teachers in Russia.
Dmitry Abbakumov
Head of Center for Computational Educational Sciences at HSE University, Russia
Dmitry has a PhD degree in Psychometrics and Methodology of Educational Sciences (KU Leuven, Belgium). He also holds a Master's degree in psychology. His research interests include theory and practice of computerized testing, as well as learning and psychometrical analytics in online-courses.
Olesya Gilmutdinova
Head of Methodology in Skyeng Operations
Olesya is responsible for in-service training and supervising the launch of new products for teachers. Completed Delta Module 1 and 2 and currently working on Module 3 in ELTM. Studied Testing, Evaluation and Assessment in NILE and Raters and Rating in ALTE. She is interested in second language acquisition, assessment, and long-distance running.
Elena Davydova
Teacher and lecturer at RANEPA
Elena is an international communication specialist and university teacher. She gives teacher trainer lectures for teaching staff in general-education schools under the patronage of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.
17:00 (MSK)
Speaker: Anton Makarov
Opening remarks
17:10 (MSK)
Speakers: Daniela Muresan and Arum Perwitasari
Everything you want to know about ETS international exams:
17:50 (MSK)
Speaker: Yana Sher
How to ace international exams like a marathon runner:
ideas for teaching and studying
the benefits of TOEFL® Family of Assessment and TOEIC® Programme, and the preparation tools for test takers
18:05 (MSK)
Speaker: Dmitry Abbakumov
An introduction to the assessment development
18:20 (MSK)
Speaker: Olesya Gilmutdinova
Language tests and "washback effect"
Speaker: Elena Davydova
I help my students to prepare for international exams
Obstacles and lifehacks
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