Alice Amerigo
author of interactive methods of studying English

Alice is a professional philologist and linguist, teacher of foreign languages, author of the technology "Movie-Video-Action" (learning a foreign language by means of active action and video shooting/video blogging). Alice has got solid experience as a speaker at conferences and other public events being as well an author of innovative training programmes.
Alice regularly upgrades her skills. She graduated from the Faculty of Foreign Languages of the Higher College named after Nekrasov with specialization in French and English in 2002, attended the skills development course "Modern trends of teaching foreign languages" at St. Petersburg State University in 2003, then in 2004 she studied financial and credit system of the United States at the Baltimore Financial Ltd. (Floridian Native Teacher), took private lessons at Elmhurst College (Chicago, IL) in 2004. In 2009 she took an individual business course of American English with a College Professor.
Alice maintains a popular blog about her unique methods and manages the Amerigo Films project.

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