Anastasia Pimenova
The Head of Magellan Exams, Approved Cambridge Assessment English RU0158 centre

Anastasia Pimenova is a Cambridge English Centre Exam Manager for Magellan Exams. Anastasia has been an ardent learner of English since her early days and enjoyed the leaning life with Cambridge Exams at core. She was trained as a teachers of English at Moscow Pedagogical University and worked as a teacher in private language education institutions (TKT, CAE). For the last six years Anastasia has been working for MagellanBOOKS and set up the Magellan Exams centre. She has presented Cambridge Assessment English exam system at numerous Siberian and international events and is constantly supporting educators and institutions who would like to raise the efficiency of their teaching with the CAE projects.

Speech topic on March, 31: Cambridge Exams as the head start for any EFL challenge