Michele Carey
Qualified Trinity TEFL teacher at English Language Studio Smart Krasnodar, has 20 years experience in teaching and translating from English

Working in Krasnodar since 1997. BA in French and Russian 1997. Qualified Trinity TEFL teacher since 1999. Qualified Translator and Interpreter since 1999. Russian State teaching qualification since last year.
Before going to university gained a Higher National Certificate in Business and Finance Administration. Has worked with all age groups from age 4 upwards. Teaches General English, Business English, English for Academic Purposes, preparation for the IELTS exam, self-designed courses usimg the communicative approach, Young Learners and Very Young Learners. Teaches all levels from total beginners to Proficiency.
Offers a genuinely individual approach to each student regardless of age. Enjoys each student as an individual and sees what makes each one different from the others as well as what makes each one exactly the same as all the others. Really enjoys seeing students' progress and works towards the day when they will be able to use the English language indepently of her. Has a British degree in French and Russian.
Knowledge of Russian and experience translating Russian into English gives a profound understanding of the way these two languages work and where the difficulties lie for Russian speakers (and where the languages are similar).

Speech Topic on March, 31: Productive skills for IELTS