Justin Hammond
experienced English teacher, focused on developing speaking skills with students, youtube video-bloger

Justin Hammond is an experienced English teacher in both online and in-person classroom environments. He holds a bachelors degree with from the University of Ottawa with a specialization in Russian Language and Culture and a State Certification from the University of Saint Petersburg. In addition, in 2014 Justin was awarded a Certificate of Outstanding Achievement to the dedication or Russian Language and Culture by the Russian Embassy to Canada.

Previously, he was a coordinator for multiple English-speaking clubs and language exchange programs in Russia and taught English to students ranging from children to adults. Now, Justin spends his time teaching online lessons to English students focused specifically on developing speaking skills.

He also runs a Russian-language YouTube channel where he teaches English to over 320-thousand English learners. When not busy with his channel, he works on developing self-study courses surrounding the top strategies and techniques for bolstering students' communication skills.

Justin will be the moderator of the festival's second day - April, 1.