Lyubov Zolotova
& The Minne Singers, author of the program "The History of the English Language Through Songs & Poetry"

If you want to learn fascinating facts about the evolution of the English language, hear and learn some very old and exotic English songs, then this program is for you! Our lead singer and English language coach, Lyubov Zolotova, will give you the key milestones of the history of the English language and together with the band will illustrate them with authentic songs and poetry of different times. We will then go through the peculiarities of grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation of Old, Middle and Modern English. You will find out: - Why the 11-12th cc. English sounded more like German - Why some English words have their French "twin" - When they gave up using "thee" and "thou"… and many more fascinating facts! This is a rare opportunity to hear some of the oldest English songs and poetry surviving, some of the pieces are over 700 years old!

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