Skyteach Festival 2018 Speakers

Gavin Dudeney
private consultant and private contractor at British Counsil


Until the end of 2003 he held two posts: the first as Head of the New Technologies Department at International House Barcelona and the second as Lead Developer for the online training centre Net Languages. In 2003 he set up The Consultants-E with Nicky Hockly. He is a past coordinator of the IATEFL Learning Technologies Special Interest Group and also past editor of the SIG newsletter. In 2007 he was elected Honorary Secretary of IATEFL, and in 2011 became the first Chair of the Electronic Committee (ElCom). His company The Consultants-E works primarily in online teacher development and training and their Cert ICT course won a British Council ELTON in 2007. Among their other courses they also offer the only online Cert IBET course.
Gavin has worked in education for the past 24 years, as a teacher, materials developer, IT manager and web/user interface designer and his blend of pedagogical and technical skills has taken him around the world for a variety of organisations including International House World Organisation (, the British Council ( and others - helping them to bridge the gap between their training and teaching portfolio and their technical needs.

About British Council
The British Council is an international organization representing the UK in the fields of culture and education. Every year, over 20 million people participate in the British Council events, and the organization's television, radio and online audience is 500 million people.

The British Council was established by the British government in 1934 as a public charity organization. The purpose of the organization is a friendly dialogue and mutual understanding between the people of Great Britain and other countries, a positive contribution to the lives of people through the creation of opportunities, bonds formation and confidence building.

The British Council has been working in Russia since 1992. Its annual audience counts thousands of creative professionals and businessmen of the country. The British Council is engaged in projects in the fields of art, education and the English language and together with Russian and British partners annually implements an extensive program of cultural and educational events.
Speech topic on April,1: Efficient use of smartphones in the classroom

John Grossman
CELTA-certified teacher of English and German at Language Link English School

John worked as self-employed translator from English and German in Berlin. He works with German and English Languade 10+ years. He has CELTA certificate and Master of Arts degree from the Free University of Berlin, Germany, with the grade of sehr gut (highest grade) in modern German literature, medieval German language and literature, and philosophy, Bachelor of Arts degree from the College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, Virginia, USA, with departmental honors in modern languages. John translated 20+ publications in medical and business sphere. Currently John works as english and german teacher at Language Link School at Rostov.

About Language Link

In July 1994, Language Link started opening and operating language schools in Russia. Since then, Language Link has opened teaching centers in Moscow and Moscow region, Saint-Petersburg and Saint-Petersburg region, Obninsk, Volgograd, Samara, Stavropol, Sterlitamak, Ufa, Rostov-on-Don and Rostov region, Armavir, Orenburg, Cherkessk, Essentuki and also in Kazakhstan. A majority of our teachers are native speaking, university graduates and are certified to teach English, French, Russian, Italian or German as foreign languages. Today, Language Link is Russia's premier language school. Language Link has achieved this status not only thanks to its consistently high teaching standards, but also as a result of the unparalleled contribution that it has made to the Russian academic community.

Speech topic on March, 31: Some original ways of using realia at your lessons

Thom Kiddle
Nile english teacher expert

Thom Kiddle has worked at NILE since 2011, after moving back to the UK from Chile where he was head of academic research and educational technology at the Chilean-British University. He has previously worked in Portugal, the UK, Australia and Thailand in language teaching, teacher training and language assessment. He has a Master's degree in Language Testing from Lancaster University and the Cambridge Delta, and his role at NILE involves strategic and organisational management, and training and consultancy in a range of areas including testing and assessment, learning technologies, materials development and language teaching methodology. Thom is also treasurer and founding director of AQUEDUTO – the Association for Quality Education and Training Online; webmaster for the Testing, Evaluation and Assessment Special Interest Group of IATEFL; and a member of the Eaquals Board of Trustees.
Speech topic on April,1: Digital resources in online teacher education

Keith M Watts
Director Verba International Ltd. London &Hereford, UK, Exclusive representative for Euroexam in the Russian Federation

Keith has spent over 16 years managing international English examinations across Russia and has now worked with many thousand candidates across Russia. Initially trained as an engineer, Keith's work moved into business and business communications, a subject he has delivered a series of lectures on for Plekhanov State Economic University in Moscow.
In addition to Keith's work in the UK and his examination work, Keith is a CELTA qualified English teacher, Keith also teaches and lectures across Russia, having recently completed a teaching tour in Moscow, Orenburg and Belebey.
In the last year Keith delivered teacher training workshops for Tomsk State Pedagogical University, Orenburg Chamber of Commerce and at other venues which include Blagorveshchensk, Novosibirsk and Sochi.
Despite travelling across Russia, Keith still lives in Herefordshire, England where his hobbies include tennis, cycling, sailing and skiing. Keith is also a qualified pilot.

Speech topic on March, 31: Making assessment friendly

Matthew Galos
English teacher with deep translator's background

Matthew has the Bachelor's degree of Arts in Asian Languages and Translation and the Master's degree of Arts in International Relations. He worked as a translator with large international companies, such as Toyota, Bluescope Steel and Toshiba on translation of complex mechanical and electronic schematics. In 2011 he became a private tutor and English teacher in ILSC, Brisbane, Australia. From 2015 to 2016 Matthew was as English Teacher for Interlingua School, Belgorod, Russia. His current residence and occupation is a teacher of English of the International School of Samara. Matthew holds TESOL and TEFL certificates. The aim of his work nowadays is to combine his education, work and exchange experiences with his passion for language and linguistics, to help teach English with a global perspective.
Speech topic on March, 31: Pronunciation and the World of Accents

Alexander Hitch
english teacher with greek and ancient greek background

Alex Hitch was born in San Jose, California, USA. When he was 14, his family moved to Greece, where he studied at the National and Kapodistri University in Athens (2004-2009) and got a bachelor's degree in public and international relations. Later, he continued his studies at the School of International Service, AU, Washington (2010-2012) and graduated magistracy. By the time he arrived in Russia in 2012, he was fluent in English, Russian, Greek and Ancient Greek. For 4 years he taught foreign languages in Moscow, Tver, Nizhny Novgorod, Vladimir and Ivanovo and managed to perfect his unique technique.
Speech topic on March, 31: How to increase students' self-confidence

Carey Michele Ann
Qualified Trinity TEFL teacher at English Language Studio Smart Krasnodar, has 20 years experience in teaching and translating from English

Working in Krasnodar since 1997. BA in French and Russian 1997. Qualified Trinity TEFL teacher since 1999. Qualified Translator and Interpreter since 1999. Russian State teaching qualification since last year.
Before going to university gained a Higher National Certificate in Business and Finance Administration. Has worked with all age groups from age 4 upwards. Teaches General English, Business English, English for Academic Purposes, preparation for the IELTS exam, self-designed courses usimg the communicative approach, Young Learners and Very Young Learners. Teaches all levels from total beginners to Proficiency.
Offers a genuinely individual approach to each student regardless of age. Enjoys each student as an individual and sees what makes each one different from the others as well as what makes each one exactly the same as all the others. Really enjoys seeing students' progress and works towards the day when they will be able to use the English language indepently of her. Has a British degree in French and Russian.
Knowledge of Russian and experience translating Russian into English gives a profound understanding of the way these two languages work and where the difficulties lie for Russian native speakers (and where the languages are similar).

      Speech Topic on March, 31: Productive skills for IELTS

      Natalia Galanina
      Macmillan Education, 26 years of teaching experience

      Natalia Galanina has been involved in teaching English for the last 26 years, firstly as a teacher, then after 11 years in teaching students of all ages, groups and levels moved to teacher training with Macmillan Education.
      She has been working closely with teachers all over Russia, organising seminars and webinars. She is the author of Macmillan video tips on Russian State exam preparation viewed by over 10 000 teachers.
      Natalia is a regular speaker at ELT events in Russia and Kazakhstan.
      Her special interests lie in the fields of technology assisted language learning and exam preparation.

      Speech topic on March, 31: Why not all of modern teaching methods work in Russia

      Oksana Makeykina
      Head of Teachers' Support Department of Skyeng
      #Moscow #skyengteam

      Born in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. Оksana has got a remarkable experience of working in various institutions of secondary and higher education as a teacher and school administration specialist. She is in the team of Skyeng from the very start of its activities. These 5 years have been really fruitful resulting in the selection of unique materials and working out the methods of cooperation with the staff working remotely, as well as the teachers' recruitment, training and retention algorithms.
      Speech topic on March, 31: How to earn a living working online

      Natalia Ladygina
      is an English teacher (CELTA, CELTYL, DELTA, CPE) with 13 years of experience. #online

      Natalia is a teacher trainer and a CELTA tutor, born in Russia but currently based in Austria. She has worked in various teaching settings and cultural contexts, and enjoys reflecting on her classroom experiences. Natalia is currently researching into how to make classroom practices more meaningful and true-to-life for our students and will willingly share her ideas with anyone not indifferent to their learners' agenda.
      Speech topic on April,1: Motivating speaking activities for low levels

      Zhanna Konovalova
      English teacher and methodologist at ALIBRA SCHOOL (PhD, CPE, TKT) with 13 years of teaching experience

      Zhanna graduated from the Kursk State University in 2007 with an honors diploma, her specialization being the German language with the additional specialization in English. In 2011 she completed the ALIBRA SСHOOL training course on the author's method of teaching German, based on the logical-associative approach, and then joined the team of ALIBRA SCHOOL as a teacher of German and English.

      About Alibra School

      ALIBRA SCHOOL is a network of schools of foreign languages with a long history. The first branch was opened in 2000 in St. Petersburg, and since then the company has been growing and further developing. Today ALIBRA SCHOOL consists of 24 branches located in six biggest cities of Russia: Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Kazan and Chelyabinsk. More than 12,000 people are trained annually here, and the total number of graduates has already exceeded 190,000. The school has more than 1,500 corporate clients-companies whose employees have successfully completed training at ALIBRA SCHOOL.
      Speech topic on March, 31: Developing writing skills in the English language classroom at B1 and B2 levels

      Elena Nadtocheva
      PhD, Associate Professor at the Institute of Foreign Languages of the Ural State Pedagogical University

      Elena is IVLP 2012 alumna, British Council and NILE professional development programs alumna teacher, President of the Ural English Language Teachers' Association. Her primary areas of interest include teaching young learners, intercultural communication and gamification.
      Speech topic on March, 31: Play to motivate: games in ELT (YL)

      Alexandra Sladkovskaya
      is a CELTA certified language teacher with over 9 years of experience

      She is also a teacher trainer, author of training materials and courses for teachers and author for Alexandra specialises in teaching teenagers and adults both in one-to-one and group lesson, including preparation for Cambridge YLE, KET, PET and IELTS. She has participated in creating online training programmes for teachers at Skyeng and conducted online trainings and webinars for teachers. Currently, she is a leading methodologist of Skyeng Methodologists Care and is working on creating new educational programmes for English teachers.
      Speech topic April,1: Problem-solving for online teachers

      Yulia Belonog
      methodologist at Skyeng, 12 year experience in engish teaching
      #skyengteam #online

      is a language teacher and a teacher trainer with 12 years of experience. She holds CELTA, TESOL and TKT certificates. Yulia specialises in teaching adults and organizing online students' clubs. She has participated in developing online programmes for teachers at Skyeng and conducted online trainings and webinars. Currently, she is a leading methodologist of Skyteach.
      Speech topic on April,1: Quick start in online teaching

      Anna Nikolaeva
      language teacher, a teacher trainer and an academic manager with 15 years of experience

      She holds full DELTA and CPE (pass A) and specializes in teaching adults and exam preparation. She has contributed to Skyteach webportal and conducted online webinars.

          Speech topic on April, 1: New teaching methods: why communicative techniques work effectively

          Anastasia Pimenova
          The Head of Magellan Exams, Approved Cambridge Assessment English RU0158 centre

          Anastasia Pimenova is a Cambridge English Centre Exam Manager for Magellan Exams. Anastasia has been an ardent learner of English since her early days and enjoyed the leaning life with Cambridge Exams at core. She was trained as a teachers of English at Moscow Pedagogical University and worked as a teacher in private language education institutions (TKT, CAE). For the last six years Anastasia has been working for MagellanBOOKS and set up the Magellan Exams centre. She has presented Cambridge Assessment English exam system at numerous Siberian and international events and is constantly supporting educators and institutions who would like to raise the efficiency of their teaching with the CAE projects.

              Speech topic on March, 31: Cambridge Exams as the head start for any EFL challenge

              Marina Pavlunenko
              is Chief Methodologist at Skyeng

              She is a teacher trainer and a TESOL qualified teacher of English with 18 years of experience. She is responsible for developing online teacher training courses and manages the issues requiring methodological guidance at Skyeng.

                  Speech topic on March, 31: Uncovering teaching online

                  Anastasia Shapovalova
                  Founder and Director of Firefly English, CELTA certified

                  A graduate of Samara State University of Social Sciences and Education, Anastasia decided to focus on the methodology of using multiple intelligences and keeping up with new developments in ELT educational process. This extends to preparation for exams, in particular, Cambridge English, as well as teaching adult and business English classes. Anastasia is giving a presentation on the integration of blended online resources to enhance reading and comprehension skills for young learners. She will also relate her experience of taking advantage of subconscious prompts to address students' multiple intelligences.
                      Speech topic on March, 31: Reading is FUNdamental

                      Ekaterina Redkina
                      EFL, ESP, EAP teacher, faculty of Psychology, Lomonosov Moscow State University

                      CELTA, DELTA (M1-2) holder, Fulbright alumnus, speaker and active participant of Russian and international conferences. Ekaterina Redkina is a psychologist and an EFL teacher with 10-year experience. She specializes in teaching teenagers and adults. She is currently working with Russian psychology students as CLIL, ESP and EAP teacher at Moscow State University. She is interested in syllabus design, lesson frameworks, EdTech tools, learning motivation, testing and teaching English through content specific and professional content.
                          Speech topic on March, 31: Helping students overcome the language barrier

                          Natalia Bayrak
                          teacher, translator, examiner, Candidate of Philological Sciences

                          Natalia finished a secondary school in the United States in 1998, entered Voronezh State University, where she studied and then worked at the Department of English Philology. In 2006 she carried out her thesis on linguistics, and specifically on the analysis of discourse. She worked in the Russian representation office of the heirs of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, engaged in cultural and social projects, the publication of the "Little Prince" in the languages of the small peoples of Russia.
                          Since 2009 Natalia has been working at the International Center "Linguist", now called the International School of Foreign Languages "International House Voronezh-Linguist", acting as the Head of the examination center, then a methodologist, a teacher and the Head of international projects.

                              Speech topic on March, 31: 10 Myths and misconceptions about Cambridge exams

                              Olga Kochenkova
                              Head of Educational Programs at Magellan, Pearson ELT consultant
                              TKT certified teacher of English with 21 years of experience

                              Olga is a graduate of Simferopol State University, Faculty of Romanic-Germanic Philology with 3 specialization areas being philology, translation, teaching of the English language and literature. She has been working in Novosibirsk Municipal Pedagogical Lyceum since 1995 and she is a teacher of the higher qualification grade (totally 410 hours of professional skills development). Holder of a certificate of successful passing of the international exam in English as a foreign language, a TKT certificate, a PTE examiner.

                              Olga is the author of 10 master classes on modern English learning, an active participant of forums, courses, events and associations. Since 2002 she has been managing the Novosibirsk City English language contest "Don't miss your opportunities!" on the basis of the Lyceum.

                                  Speech topic on March, 31: Strategies and tips for effective exam preparation

                                  Marina Gruzdeva
                                  examiner of Pearson Test of English with 22 years of teaching experience

                                  Marina graduated from Voronezh State Pedagogical University with the diploma of English and German teacher. In 1993-2000 she worked as a teacher at the Faculty of Foreign Languages of Voronezh State Pedagogical University, after that, in 2013-2016 she taught English in the Business School at Voronezh State University within the President's Program of requalification of administrative workforce. Marina is a certified examiner of the international examinations Pearson Test of English (PTE), the author of more than 20 publications on pedagogical and methodological aspects of teaching foreign languages. She is also inventing unique programs, manuals and games for the development of the intellectual and creative spheres of students in the process of foreign language learning. Marina is now working on her thesis for the degree of the Candidate of Sciences.
                                      Speech topic on March, 31: Creative and intellectual English through TRIZ

                                      Irina Ageykina
                                      Candidate of Philological Sciences and a private English teacher with 11 years of experience

                                      Irina has been teaching English since 2009 and since 2012 she has been successfully preparing students for the Unified State Examinations in English. Irina's USE pupils get from 75 to 93 points. She conducted 25 webinars, created 3 online courses for teachers. She leads the group in Vkontakte "How to pass the USE in English and survive" counting 6,000 participants on the web, and is known to be a popular blogger on the resource for the parents of schoolchildren
                                          Speech topic on March, 31: Jazzing up EGE preparation

                                          Yulia Risunova
                                          TKT certified English teacher with 18 years of experience

                                          In 1995 Yulia graduated from Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia, St.Petersburg, she worked first as a school teacher and since 2000 - in various educational institutions, including NWOTU (the North-West Open Technical University), SUAI (the State University of Aerospace Instrumentation). From 2011 and up to now Yulia is a methodologist of the private pre-school educational centre "EgoRound". Yulia is the creator of the unique trainings for adults and teenagers "Total Recall", "Secrets of the English Verb", "Art of Small Talk" and many others. The holder of a TKT certificate, and IH certificate in advanced methodology (2017).
                                              Speech topic on March, 31: Creative projects for teenagers
                                              Moderators of Interactive Formats

                                              Alice Amerigo
                                              author of interactive methods of studying English

                                              Alice is a professional philologist and linguist, teacher of foreign languages, author of the technology "Movie-Video-Action" (learning a foreign language by means of active action and video shooting/video blogging). Alice has got solid experience as a speaker at conferences and other public events being as well an author of innovative training programmes.
                                              Alice regularly upgrades her skills. She graduated from the Faculty of Foreign Languages of the Higher College named after Nekrasov with specialization in French and English in 2002, attended the skills development course "Modern trends of teaching foreign languages" at St. Petersburg State University in 2003, then in 2004 she studied financial and credit system of the United States at the Baltimore Financial Ltd. (Floridian Native Teacher), took private lessons at Elmhurst College (Chicago, IL) in 2004. In 2009 she took an individual business course of American English with a College Professor.
                                              Alice maintains a popular blog about her unique methods and manages the Amerigo Films project.

                                                  Lyubov Zolotova
                                                  & The Minne Singers, author of the program "The History of the English Language Through Songs & Poetry"

                                                  If you want to learn fascinating facts about the evolution of the English language, hear and learn some very old and exotic English songs, then this program is for you! Our lead singer and English language coach, Lyubov Zolotova, will give you the key milestones of the history of the English language and together with the band will illustrate them with authentic songs and poetry of different times. We will then go through the peculiarities of grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation of Old, Middle and Modern English. You will find out: - Why the 11-12th cc. English sounded more like German - Why some English words have their French "twin" - When they gave up using "thee" and "thou"… and many more fascinating facts! This is a rare opportunity to hear some of the oldest English songs and poetry surviving, some of the pieces are over 700 years old!

                                                      Yana Sher
                                                      Skyeng teacher, preparation for IELTS, TOEFL, CAE, BEC, GRE with 9 years of teaching experience

                                                      Yana has studied and practiced in 3 Universities (Chelyabinsk State, Saratov State Universities and Russian University for the Humanities) and lived in 5 cities. She started to work as a tutor right when studying at her first university. She has spent 2 years developing and organizing an innovative English camp, where her main focus was to find the ways of involving young learners and teenagers into English environment with activities based on their favourite topics ('Star Wars', 'Harry Potter', 'Gravity Falls', Dc and Marvel). She joined skyeng 2 years ago and has successfully prepared over 50 students to pass their international exams and follow their bold dreams. Now she specializes in teaching exam strategies and helping with CV building and job interview techniques. An active part of Skyteach conference team (March and November 2017).
                                                          Field Experts on the Skyteach Festival

                                                          Elena Smith
                                                          Head of the International School of Samara with 17 years of teaching experience

                                                          A graduate of Philological Faculty of Samara State University, Elena dedicates her teaching career to educational innovations. She is a participant of numerous international programs and courses with awards and titles, among which is the status of the consultant of the International Baccalaureate® (IB) Primary Years Programme (PYP).

                                                              Svetlana Ilyina
                                                              Director of Gymnasium 3 of Samara, reformer of public education with 20 years of teaching experience

                                                              In 1998 Svetlana graduated from the English Department of the Faculty of Foreign Languages of Samara State Pedagogical University. Since 2007 she is the Director of Gymnasium 3 of Samara, among her remarkable achievements are the administrator of the higher qualification grade, the teacher of English of the higher qualification grade, UNESCO teacher, the honorary worker of general education of the Russian Federation. Svetlana's intensive and fruitful work in the educational and public spheres has been honored by a big number of awards and nominations at the federal and regional levels.
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