Many students struggle with creating well-composed essays. Meanwhile, decent writing skills are more relevant than ever. Some students need them for immigration, some for career advancement, and others want to score good results in international exams.

This webinar will introduce you to 5 guiding principles of a writing classroom that works like a clock. They can be used during the exam preparation as well as with students who study English for other specific purposes.
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25th August, 13:00 MSK
Iuliia Dementeva
Exam Preparation:
5 best practices for a writing classroom
*Each participant will be awarded with a certificate.
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About speaker
Iuliia Dementeva —
Яна Шер —
is a teacher specialising in exam preparation and teaching advanced EFL learners. She holds a specialist's degree in Linguistics and Intercultural Communication, CELTA and CAE. Her area of interest is writing and reading skills, as well as their correlation. One of her most remarkable achievements is the development and organisation of the Writing Clinic, which contributed to the increase of the average score in the Writing Part of CAE from 191 to 194 among her students.
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в consulting big-3 (BCG, MCKINSEY, Bain), а так же Microsoft, Apple.
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